Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I haven't posted any pictures for about 4 months now. In Aug 2010 a great granddaughter was born. Her name is Logan, and what a blessing she is. She is totally spoiled by all when she visits us.

This is Logan 6 months now.

This is a 5 generation picture. My mom lives on the Big Island and is 93 years old. Logan was 2 months in this picture and didn't sit up very well, but mom wanted to hold her. We all need to return to get another one.

Took this this morning as I was leaving to take grandkids to school. The sky was just a light pink so I ran back inside to get my camera and this is what I got when I got back outside.


Les said...

What a cool sunrise! Oops, I just scolded you on my blog that you haven't posted since our trip....I should do a little research before I complain yah? Logan is so cute!

susie said...

Thanks Les, but I need a good scolding to get going and post some pictures.

jalna said...

Heeeey, I almost missed this post! Very, very special five-generation picture! My sister texted me about the sunrise, but I got the message too late and missed it. So glad you got a pix. I'll send it to her.

Erick said...

Wow, great group shot! The shot of Logan is so cute. Great post!